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Chris Kelsey

21 Walgarri Drive

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Enviro Tint

Enviro Tint specialises in high quality residential and commercial window tinting covering all areas of the Sunshine Coast. We are a small family owned business and have been locals for over 30 years. We like to provide a high level of service and installation quality such that you are happy to tell your friends about us. The term “Quality Service” is thrown around too easily by businesses these days so I will be more specific!

These are the seven promises that I make to all of my customers……..

  1. From quote to installation you deal with the owner of the business and I take pride in my work.
  2. Preparation is the key! I take a little longer than most and will pay attention to detail to ensure a quality finish.
  3. Quality of film is extremely important – I will only offer you films where I have full confidence in the product based on its performance and track record exposed to our harsh Australian sun.
  4. I will respect your home, lay towels to protect your floor coverings during installation and clean the film before leaving.
  5. With the large range of films on offer, I will look at each situation individually and advise accordingly so that you get the right film for you, not the easiest for me.
  6. All our films come with a warranty in writing with the film roll numbers to validate that genuine product has been used.
  7. We will provide to you a written workmanship warranty that covers the professional installation procedure, ensuring your window film has been applied to the highest industry standard.

If you would like to see how a quality Enviro Tint window film can benefit you, please give me a call.

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