Commercial Window TintingEfficiency is perhaps the most important factor governing successful business today.

It is almost mandatory that you provide in an office environment to that ensures comfort and productivity while being OHS&E active and compliant. Office window tinting reduces glare on computer screens and assists in maintaining a consistent level of comfort while greatly maximizing the potential of your Air conditioning or HVAC system.

Savvy building owners and managers know all to well, climate control is hugely expensive to both purchase and maintain.  Window Film can prolong the lifespan by reducing the load in order to maintain a specific temperature within the office space.

By far, the most energy that enters or leaves the building is via the glass windows. Known as thermal wounds, glass transmits thermal temperatures with little hindrance. Highly effective window film will assist in maintaining environment and your staff calm.

Power to run HVAC systems continue to increase in cost, up some 80% in the last 5 years. Not to mention air conditioning technicians are one of the highest paid trades in the country.

Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

  • Heat Reduction – Window film can assist in maintaining a constant and comfortable workplace environment

  • Energy Efficiency – Quick ROI. Can save up to 30% of cooling costs and can have as little as a 4 year pay back period
  • U.V Protection – OHS&E issues and compliance are a constant consideration and window film eliminated harmful UV rays

  • Glare Reduction – One of the biggest complaints we deal with is sun glare on computers restricting vision and productivity

  • Privacy – Window film can offer great privacy during the day.  Unfortunately, window film offers no night time privacy

  • Enhanced Appearance – Window film is one of the most affordable options of updating a tired facade and adding value to your property
  • Long Lifespan – Most Architectural window film installed on your home will come with a manufacturers Lifetime Warranty

We are able to quantify the energy savings through the HVAC system. With temperature loggers and advanced computer programs we can accurately predict the reduction on energy consumption by reducing the time the HVAC system operates, and in turn, reducing the repairs and maintenance. We can quickly and effectively provide accurate energy analysis on energy reduction and investment payback period. Our manufacturing partners can provide all R and U rating specifications required and work with all appropriate consultants.

Even on cooler days with little sun, many buildings still need to run cooling systems due to heat generated by human habitat and electronic equipment such as computers. Energy Efficient Window Film is one of the most affordable systems that can reduce your HVAC or air conditioning by up to 34% instantly. That can equate up to a 20% energy saving. Short payback periods, long life expectancy and quick non-intrusive installation all make energy efficient window film an attractive option for the astute management team.

Needless to say, reduction of both running and maintenance costs can only add to your bottom line, not to mention the added benefit of reducing your carbon footprint and the enhancement of your good corporate citizenship. This makes office window tinting a very smart investment.

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